A couple weeks ago I preached on Mary, the mother of Jesus. As you remember, Mary was a young woman maybe 12 – 14 years old and engaged to be married. One day she was visited by an angel who told her she had been chose to bear the Messiah…the Son of God. She was a little hesitant at first because she couldn’t imagine how that could happen since she was a virgin. The angel explained what would happen. Then Mary said, “yes” to God. 

In my sermon I noted that God is inviting each of us to do something. I had my husband Jim share about saying, “yes” to going on a mission trip to Haiti. He’s now been there 10 times and they are trying to plan another trip early next year. I also had Dee Crowe share how she said, “yes” to being an assisting minister for worship. Now, she’s a pro!

I’m excited to tell you that three more people said, “yes” recently. Wendy Rossi has overseen children’s education for 12 years. She is now council president and thought it wise to step down so she could focus on council. Lindsey Walker and Andrea DeChausse said, “yes” and are now the new coordinators of children’s education! The four of us met last Sunday and we came up with some great ideas! Lindsey and Andrea will be installed in these new positions in a couple weeks.

We also had an opening for a council member. Several names came up, but one rose to the top in recommendations, so I asked Claudia Wolfe if she’d like to fulfill the rest of the open term until February. I had sent her an email which she hadn’t read yet, so I asked her right before worship. She agreed to think about it. It just so happened that was the day I preached about Mary’s “yes”. Claudia was prompted by that message and said, “yes!” We will be installing her as a new council member in the next couple weeks as well!

The Holy Spirit is at work my friends. There are many invitations out there for all of us to say “yes” to. Sometimes it’s just takes an invitation and that little nudge to realize it. What is God inviting you to say, “yes” to today?

See you Sunday!

Pastor Lu