I remember when I was a kid. Often there would be only one piece of pie or cake left and my brother and I would fight over it. To solve the problem, my mom would say, “Just split it in half and you can share.” She would then instruct one of us to do the splitting. Of course, that person would assume they got the first half so they might have made it just a little bit larger. But my mom was very wise and said, “If Lu split the cake, Dave gets to choose which piece he wants.” Obviously, he’d take the bigger piece.

Sharing isn’t something that comes naturally to us humans. I guess I could say that applies to our faith as well. I don’t know too many people who are comfortable walking up to someone they don’t know and start a conversation about Jesus. But that’s not the only way to share our faith. Let me give you some examples. First, we can share our stuff… more specifically… our money. Because of the pandemic, we won’t be doing Estimate of Giving cards this fall. So, instead, I ask each of you to prayerfully consider and plan for what you can give to support God’s work at Peace Lutheran.

Second, we can share ourselves. Give of our time and talents. We are always in need of assistance for worship and several other opportunities in our community. We can also share ourselves by the way we live and love those around us.

And lastly, “Share.” I mean on social media! Each week the sermon is shared on Peace’s Facebook page as a stand-alone piece. Even if you don’t listen to it again, please hit the “Share” button and post it to your page. You have no idea how many people will see that post if one person shares than another… the growth is exponential!

Thank you for the ways you are sharing with those around you… keep up the good work!

See you Sunday.